Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Expanded Singles - Part I - Duran Duran & M|A|R|R|S

Trying something a little different this week, I am posting singles that don't have corresponding albums to go with them, and expanding them (to whatever degree I can.)

The two "new" songs for Duran2's GH album from 1989, they were never released on the GH album!  Ain't that a bitch.  And for the longest time, they were near impossible to find on CD.  Regardless of the fact that they mixed a lot of songs that weren't really meant to go together, it still came out sounding pretty well, considering the technology of the time.  I personally preferred Burning the Ground over Decadance, though.  After this single, it was a long slide down for the band to that shithole release Liberty, the worst Duran2 album EVER.

I've always been a huge fan of this single.  I have always been disappointed that they never gave us more than this.  To me, this was one of the first House singles... maybe?  At least, in my eyes.  Or should I say "in my ears".  All the mixes and a rare b-side.  A definite necessity.....

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Shamen - Universal/Beamship tracks needed....

I hate to tease you, but I am not posting this album today.  I will be posting it near the end of September.  I am still collating all of the tracks, and trying to find some missing ones.  Below is a list of the tracks I still need to complete this collection...

Universal (Sharp Vocal Remix)
Universal (1999 Extended Vocal)
Universal (1999 Dance Vocal)
Universal (Mr C. Vocal Edit)
Universal (Mr C Tech House)
U Nations (187 Lockdown Dub No 1)
Beamship (Original Mix)   
Beamship Captain Is Insane (Crazy Mr Anderson Remix)

A note on the Beamship requests - the version on the album is called "Brief Sighting".  I do not need that version.  If the tracks you have are around 43 seconds, then this is the wrong one. These two versions I need supposedly exist, but I cannot find them.  If I am mistaken, and these tracks I supposedly need are simply renamed versions of the same track, then please let me know!
If I could please get some help on these, I would really appreciate it!   ---Thanks!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Huey Lewis & the News - Fore! - 1986

So, the third album I ever got was Sports by HL&tN.  I got it for my 14th birthday, because I sorta liked it, and my dad liked and approved of it, so we were all good with it.  Mind you, had I REALLY had a choice in it, I probably wouldn't have gotten it.  But, you take what you can when you have controlling parents.  But, I ended up loving the album.  It brings back so much of my youth whenever I listen to it.  Pure Rock and Roll.

When HL&tN released Fore!, I was rather interested, but that was when my parents had put the kibosh on secular music, and I was wading through Petra and Steve Taylor and Servant.  The secular music was hidden and discreet, and with limited funds, I couldn't afford much.  Especially when I was spending most of it on comic books (I obviously was a geek.)  I saw the videos, heard the singles, saw Back To the Future, and that was my extent with Fore!

Over the years I was able to come back around to HL&tN and Fore!  Another nostalgic album, it takes me back to simpler times, and the times in the eighties when the economy was good, youth was adventurous, and I was loving and living Chicago to the fullest.

At times I sometimes feel as if HL&tN is too American sounding, if you know what I mean.  But Huey just has a way with melodies and delivery that truly expresses his feelings and shows a side of Americana that most people take for granted.  He truly comes across as a auto mechanic with a microphone.  A hard-working, rough and dirty man with passion and drive.  He's a guy that you could see living down on the blue-collar side of town with a small house, crummy yard in a run-down neighborhood.  The everyman.  And, he's happy.  He's got a positive outlook, and he's motivated.  He feels GOOD.  That's what this album feels like to me.

I know the cover looks better with all of them spread across the image, but I wanted to get the single sleeves in there, as they are diverse and entertaining.  So, you get the original front, and the patchwork back that I so love.  I also have said that I don't care for individual live tracks, but I took exception with I Knew The Bride, because it's really fucking good.

Huey Lewis & the News - Fore! - Part 1       Huey Lewis & the News - Fore! - Part 2

PS - How many albums have I posted so far?  I'm too damn lazy to count.  A selection of choice for "deluxing" for the first person to tell me how many.  I should be close to the 500 mark by now......

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Sting - Mercury Falling - Disc Two - 1996

My best friend got Sting's Mercury Falling as a Christmas gift for my wife and I on our first Christmas.  My wife and I had been married about 6 months, and he was still struggling through medical school, so he was pretty much broke.  We appreciated that he got this for us.

Unfortunately, this was probably my least favorite Sting album for a long, long time.  I was very disappointed when it came out, after his three previous gems.  To me, this was adult contemporary elevator music.  And, in 1996, the music scene was going wild with Electronica, Britrock, American Alternative, and I'm sure some other genres that I didn't care too much about.  All I'm saying is that the music choices at that time were broad and all extremely good, Especially for someone in their mid to late 20s.  So, to decide to listen to this....  well, it wasn't high up on my list.

His Brand New Day album really changed things for him, and for me, and my wife and I saw him the summer of 2000 for that glorious tour.  The best show we saw that summer, beating out both Duran2 and Cure.  In fact, sweaty Simon and Fat Bob could hold a torch to him.  (And, Simon really was sweating through his t-shirt, leaving dark sweat marks in his pits and on his belly.  Gross.)

Having changed my thoughts on Sting after Brand New Day, I went back and gave Mercury Falling another shot.  Yes, the album isn't the most exciting one out there.  But, it is sincere, well-written, performed gracefully and succinctly, and showed Sting's growth and maturity.  The song hooks were subtle yet lasting, the mood was one of happiness and sadness, but ultimately human.

I was going to do the original album with the extra tracks, but it just worked out better to do everything BUT the album, so a disc two to be precise.  Just line this disc up beside/behind the original, and now you have everything.

Yes, this may not have been one of Sting's best ones.  But, it's still better than most out there, and still a necessity for any Sting collection.  He's not just Fields of Gold....

Friday, August 11, 2017

Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark - Architecture & Morality - 1981

I've been looking forward to posting this one for quite some time.  This album is quintessential OMD.  This is OMD at their most creative.  When I think of OMD, this is the album that I go to.

I've mentioned previously that If You Leave and The Pacific Age were essential listening for my Freshman and Sophomore years in High School.  This one didn't come until my Freshman year in college, and that was only because I was horribly disappointed with Sugar Tax and needed to purchase something new (to me) and different by OMD.  Sugar Tax had resparked my interest in them, and I went on a hunt after being let down by such a lousy album.

Needless to say, this album did not let me down.


When they re-released this album back in....  2003 (?) I noticed right off the bat that their "Deluxe Version" had left off a few key points.  After years of listening and research and collecting, I realized that there was more than enough material to make two discs worth, well more than they had released on the Deluxe.  Add on to that, you had that delicious Dreamtime mix of Maid of Orleans, and then that Deno mix which isn't that bad.  So, had to gather it all up together, and put my deluxe stamp on it.  I'm not sure about the color of my version, as every version seems to change color anyway, but I held true to the design.  And, as for the bonus disc, I used some 7" sleeve graphics that are fan made and were never actually released.  Still looks pretty damn good.

Again, I'm 99% certain I have everything there, but let me know if you find something I missed.....

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Miles Kane - Don't Forget Who You Are - 2013

By the time this posts and you read it, I will be two days into my next week on the road.  I finally figured out how to schedule out the posts, that way they are available on the days I promised without being here.

Miles Kane is an anomaly to me.  Here is a young British gent with talent galore yet he's writing and singing pop songs that sound as if they were from the sixties.  It's mind blowing.  Every track sounds as if it was written more than 50 years ago, with it's upbeat, bubblegum sound, yet it still captures that flare of modern Brit Rock that I find so attractive.  He started out in 2007 with the Little Flames, then the Rascals, and then the Last Shadow Puppets with Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys.  His solo releases have been spectacular and well written.  They have that perfect 3-chord magic of the sixties and very simple melodies.  And it still sound fresh and relevant.  Really incredible material. 

I have all the b-sides, some instrumentals, and even a song working with Professor Green (which is interesting unto itself.)  The cover is a better representation of his handsomeness, as the original cover makes him look sort of ugly.  He's a great guy, and someone to pay attention to in the future!!!!

I'll see you on Friday....

Part One          Part Two

Friday, August 4, 2017

Beastie Boys - Licensed To Ill - 1986

I truly have to admit that I didn't get into this album enough to actually purchase it until after I moved from Chicago to Nebraska.  In Chicago, with such a wide variety of styles and cultures, I was able to explore many different genres of music unfettered and choose the ones that I liked most, and find like-minded people with whom to associate.  That's why I settled in firmly to Post Punk.  But, once I moved to Nebraska in 1988, I was faced with a dramatically different scenario.  In Nebraska in the late 80s you were only allowed to listen to four different genres of music - Classic Rock, Hair bands/Glam Rock, Country or Rap.  That was it.  If you listened to anything else, you were ostracized and sent to the wood shed.  There was no tolerance or yielding at all.  Those very few that I knew who liked the music that I did kept it very hush-hush, like we were living in Nazi Germany hiding from the SS.

So, if I went out with the guys in Nebraska to cruise the local strip, I was forced to listen to these genres repeatedly.  Now, I don't have a problem with any of those genres...  well, yes, I do.  I hate Rap and Country.  So, it wasn't all that fun.

When one of the guys put this album on, I rolled my eyes and tolerated it silently, as I didn't want to rock the boat.  I was new in town, and I was trying to find new friends, and the last thing I wanted to do was be overbearing about what music we listened to, especially when all the rest of the guys loved it.

Over the course of the next year, year and a half, I heard this album about 25-30 times.  And it grew on me.  Really grew.  I started to truly enjoy it, despite it's sexist overtones and drug references.  Not that I condoned that sort of talk or behavior (even though today's Rap music - dominated by truly liberal or left-thinking people - is chock full of sexism and drug reference.  They treat women like dogs and exploit them horrendously.  I don't know why Democrats/Leftists/Liberals tolerate it.  Heaven's to Betsy if I talk about my faith in Jesus it's a mortal sin)

This album really sees the boys starting off at their best and at their worst simultaneously.  They are raw, inexperienced and performing without thought or consideration.  They were all about the parties and the girls and the Brass Monkey.

But, this album opened up a new aspect of music that previously had been relegated to niche stations and not at all mainstream.  It explored the newly developing Rap genre in ways that hadn't been done so far.  And I feel it led to a different, more substantial take on the controversial genre.

From here on out, the Boys would only get better.  Each album progressively found them breaking new territory and sound.  It's just hard to believe they started like this.

I added their first mainstream single, some bonus cuts, and all of the remixes (I think).  And it still comes in under 80 minutes!  One disc!

Last but not least, this is one of my favorite and most iconic album covers that I know of.  Even when I didn't care for these guys, I still loved the cover and it was instantly recognizable.  It's difficult to find a good scan of it on the internet, though.  Hopefully this one meets your standards.

SO, it's Friday night.  Load this on your music format of choice and go out for a drive shortly after sunset.  Turn it up, and have a little fun like you did when you were young.....

This last week has been a week from hell for me.  I had my wife's car break down in Oklahoma City, my car got hit in OKC while I was there trying to help my wife (completely ripped off the back bumper) and the driver speeds off before the cops can get there.  Then, when we finally get back home, two days later, I find that my dog's health had declined so much that we had to take her in to get put down.  And the washer broke.  I mean, my wife still is out of work, so we are operating on half of an income, and we have to dump almost 2K in four days on shit that we weren't expecting.  What the hell am I supposed to do?!  Fortunately, we both have families that are always there to help, and they gave us some assistance, but it didn't cover everything.  So, we are still in the red and trying to find a way to make it back up.  Anyone got an extra 10 large laying around, feel free to send it my way....

Monday, July 31, 2017

Descendents - I Don't Want To Grow Up + Enjoy - 1985-86

I'm posting this one a day early, as I have to go back on the road tomorrow and I won't be back until Thursday night.  Work isn't so bad, I think I'm enjoying it.  But, time away from the family is never good in my book.  I'll miss my boys.

These two albums were the Descendents in their prime.  IDWTGU is by far my favorite of the two, as every song is a pop masterpiece (to my ever-so-sensitive ears.)  But, Enjoy is great in it's own right, as well.  I just don't like it as much.

I first heard IDWTGU in the car on the way to school, one fall morning in Downers Grove, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.  I was in the back seat of Carey's camaro, sitting to a skinhead with short, stubbly red hair fuzzing his scalp.  Sharon was in the front seat next to Carey, and we were driving over the commuter tracks next to the station on Main Street.  The Tivoli Theater was on my right, and I can't remember what was on my left.  The sun was coming out, and the air was crisp with a chill.  No clouds in the sky, and the leaves on the trees were brown.  Sharon turns around and begins singing along with In Love This Way, right at me, tossing her hair back and forth.  I had nothing for her, but it seemed rather pleasing to have that happen.  I felt one with the group, I felt some adoration to a degree, it made me blush.

I had a tape of a tape of a tape the first time I "got" this album, and I wore that sucker out.  I didn't actually buy the tape until my senior year, and then got the CD in about 1993.  By then, I had that album memorized forward and back.

Enjoy was another story.  I never had any real personal connection with it.  I simply got the tape about the same time I got the actual tape of IDWTGU, and listened to that in tandem with the other.  Sour Grapes, Cheer, 80s Girl and, of course, Wendy were among my favorites.  Although somewhat humorous, I never understood the necessity of the Orgofart track.  Was that how they wanted to be portrayed for the rest of forever?  Probably a precursor to Van. 

I found some bootleg demos of some unreleased tracks that fell somewhere between the two albums.  They aren't too bad, but you can tell why they weren't ever used.  Some may say that there were other tracks out there that I didn't include.  Don't worry, I have them all.  There ARE some other tracks out there with different names, but if you listen to them, they are all the same as the ones I included in this set.  As for which names were the correct names, I don't know.....

Sunday, July 23, 2017

My new job...

As many of you may know, I got a new job about 3 weeks ago.  It's now come to that time that I am going on the road to perform my duties.  Tonight, I will be traveling to Oklahoma to start working there for a week.  I will be home shortly on Friday, but leave again Saturday morning.  I probably will be back in time for my August 1st posting, but that will be questionable, as I won't know my schedule for that week until later this week.  I will continue to keep you updated.

It sucks, as I will not have a way to access my files here at home.  I have Splashtop, so may attempt to do this from my iPad, but I haven't tried that yet, so we will see.

Until then, enjoy what I've posted so far, and I will keep you up to date as the week progresses!

Wish me luck!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Belly - Star - 1993

My worst and most embarrassing post. 

Back in the day, I did dabble some in the "grunge" thing.  I preferred to call the music that I liked "College Rock".  I was in college, it was Rock, and I would not admit to listening to grunge (although I still have some Nirvana and Soundgarden in my collection (no Pearl Jam!)).

To be completely clear, though, I liked the Pixies in the late 80s and had a lot of their music.  Obviously, Bossanova stands out as one of my favorite albums, probably in my top 200 (maybe).  So, with Frank going solo, and the Breeders taking shape, it was only natural for me to play into Kristen Hersh, Throwing Muses, Tanya Donelly, and of course, Belly.

I used to think this was a great album.  It was fun, catchy, and I loved the vocals.  Mind you, Curve and Lush were big with me at that time, too, so I was obviously drawn to those female vocals.  For the time period, though, the Breeders dominated my likes for this particular genre comparison, but Belly was a close second.

Looking back, I realize that Throwing Muses were so much better than Belly, and the Breeders were trying to hard to be different.  Of the three bands, I think Throwing Muses would be the only one that I would consider relevant.  Throwing Muses to the Breeders would be like the Beatles to Frank Zappa.  And Throwing Muses to Belly would be like Beatles to Strawberry Alarm Clock.  Fur sure.

But, Belly is still interesting to listen to every once in a while.  It brings back memories for me of simpler times in my life, when things were just starting for me and my freedoms were being fully explored.  For others who are new to them, I'm sure that it would be an interesting listen, and a definite niche for your repertoire. The pop songs are still pop songs, and they are still rather good, even though dated.

It would be interesting to see Belly get back together for a new set of tunes, just to see if they could do anything worthwhile or relevant.  Or, better yet, maybe not.  Whatever.

Thursday, July 20, 2017


Most won't care, but you were noticed and will be missed.  Chester we hardly knew ye.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Flesh For Lulu - Long Live the New Flesh - 1987

Back on June 10th I threw out a pop quiz with the promise of a choice for an extended album.  Mr Stevo answered correctly, so I promised to make a set for him.  Now, a month and a half later, I finally have his post....

To be honest, I know next to nothing about Flesh For Lulu.  Aside from their soundtrack hit I Go Crazy, I haven't heard much by them. Even their Wikipedia page doesn't really go into too much detail, other than they were a band struggling to get recognized, but always falling short.  Too bad.  Because, from what I heard as I was compiling these tracks, they are really a noteworthy band that I need to delve further into.

In 2003 they released a remaster of this album with 4 extra tracks on it.  As you can see, I added a hell of a lot more than that.  Partly because I added their Idol EP, which was released the year before LLtNF, so that added an additional four tracks, plus a few other odds and ends.

I've also added a "maxi-single" of I Go Crazy because I thought it would be fun, and they had a bunch of mixes, too.  I will say this is the one song of theirs that I've listened to a thousand times, because I find it's pophook to be spectacular.  I love it.  (Plus, as a child of the 80s, how could you not love any song featured in a John Hughes movie?)

Anyway, I hope I've given you something special, Stevo.  Let me know if it meets your standards..

PS - Stay tuned for quite possibly my worst post ever on Friday.  I just looked at it and I'm wondering what the hell I was thinking...

Friday, July 14, 2017

Duran Duran - Notorious - 1986

A little more than a year ago, I posted my best mixes from Duran2's Notorious album.  I had hoped to post this one shortly after.  But, here it is, 14 months later.  Better than never, I guess.

Nothing too personally spectacular about this one.  I was living in Chicago at the time, and was in my transition from Christian Rock and Hard Rock into Post Punk.  Duran2 was still at the top of my list, but I wasn't overwhelmingly drawn to them at the time.  This one came as a shock to me, as it was a complete departure from the Duran I was used to.  I was hoping that Arcadia + John Taylor would have come up with something a little more spectacular.  I didn't come to fully appreciate this album until well into the 90s.

On this disc, the track selection is a little tricky.  Of course, I have the regular album right up front, and the We Need You b-side shortly following.  But, there was a host of demos that could be included, but should they?

First, I have Rope and Berlin, which are definitely different songs than the rest of the album, and also are at a high recording quality, so they were a definite requirement.

Then, you have Anything For You and Take It To Me.  Both of them are unique melodies to the album sessions, so they are definitely additional songs.  But, their recording quality is for shit.  I played with them for a bit on my mixer, and couldn't get them to sound any better than what you hear in the Mp3s that I've included here.  Also, the Duran Wiki claims that Take It To Me is an instrumental.  Well, yeah, for the first 2 minutes I guess you could call it that, but then it opens into a chorus and then verses, so I don't know where they get this instrumental idea.  Do I have a version that is different than any other one out there?  Please, any Duran2 aficionados out there, please help me figure this one out!!!!!!

Lastly, there are a bunch of demos out there for this album.  But, they are all demos of existing tracks, they barely sound any different than the originals, and the recording quality is horrible.  I left these off.  So, anyone looking for One Of the Faithful, you will not find it here!

I really had a tough time finding a decent cover of this album on the internet.  This one that I've used really isn't that good, and I could probably update it if anyone has a better scan of it.  Just a thought.  I do like Simon's hat from the pics on the back.  I think that he might be the only person able to pull that one off, and he may not have pulled it off either.  Matter of opinion, I guess.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Art Of Noise - In No Sense? Nonsense! - 1987

Not a whole lot to say about this one, today.  Just another collection of AoN perfection.  When this album came out, I had heard a couple of their songs that I thought were pretty good.  But, I didn't really get into them until after I got their Best Of set, and started collecting their singles.  So, most of this album was beyond me until about the mid to late 90s. 

Although I am not a huge fan of Dragnet, I found the rest of the album to be incredible.  Great, great stuff.  And, I know that Kiss was more a part of their Best Of release, but I wanted to associate it with an album, and this was the closest one.

Please let me know if I've missed anything....

Have a great evening!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Kula Shaker - Strangefolk - 2007


I liked their first album, K, but I was overjoyed, mesmerized and in love with their sophomore album PP&A album in 1999.  Probably my favorite album that year.  I was greatly disappointed when they went their separate ways after that, and I was not really impressed with Crispian Mills follow-up band The Jeevas.

So, when word got out that they were back together in 2006 recording their next album, Strangefolk, for release in 2007, I waited with bated breath, hoping to God that they returned to form to bring a truly extraordinary album.  Needless to say, it was not PP&A.

But, it is still Kula Shaker, and it is still a continuation of the mystical and magical sound that they started with.  Many of the songs carry the same qualities of their previous albums, and there is also sound of growth and the wisdom of maturity throughout.  They showed themselves to be a new yet older band than they were previously.  Crispian's lyrics and melodies still carried that same youthful approach, albeit a bit weird and bizarre, but you could still tell that life had changed him, whether he realized it or not.

The album is a solid rocker and definitely a keeper.  It still carries that album-oriented sound, even as the singles stand out in their pop-hook purity.  The orchestration and harmonious instrumentation is at near perfection, and worthy of repeat listening and analyzation.  They've earned their right as leaders in the Britrock, Psychedelic and Rock genres, a band to be recognized and emulated.

They progressively get better on their next two albums, but this one stands as a much needed reunion of their sound and story.  Enjoy what we've got here.

Sorry for the delay. Still recovering. (Just call me Captain Melodrama)

Saturday, July 8, 2017

A day late.... a summer reminder!!!!!!

As I was deciding on how to broach my "excuse" for missing last night's post, I looked for clipart or funny graphics to describe what happened to me.  BUT, I couldn't find anything funny, as there is nothing funny about it.

I started my new job this last week.  I am in Sales, and have always, ALWAYS been a desk jockey in a controlled climate.  In all of my jobs EVER, I have NEVER had a job requiring me to work outdoors for extended periods of time.  Call me weak, call me soft, that's just a fact about me and my career choices.  Simple as that.

My new sales job requires me to learn an entire new line of products that I am completely unfamiliar with, totaling more than 12,000 SKUs.  So, brilliance that this company is, they decide to stick me out in the warehouse to help me become familiar with the products.  Well, that's all fine and dandy if I am learning product, but not simply doing the job of the warehouse because they are short-handed.  And, they were short handed.  So, I find myself standing in a steel building with no air conditioning, just a couple large fans.  I found myself on my feet for 10 hours a day, when normally my ass is parked in a chair.  I'm pulling, wrapping, loading products that range in weight anywhere from a few ounces, to hundreds of pounds, 98% of it without any sort of mechanical assistance.

This really wouldn't be an issue for me, because I am not allergic to work.  I am more than willing, mentally, to do the job.  I've always been a hard worker and a team player.  But, my body began to tell me otherwise.

The temperature here over the past week has averaged about 95 degrees a day.  My soft body is simply not used to that sort of climate and physical exertion, and it let me know.  It started on the very first day with sore feet and legs, followed by heat.  By the end of the week, yesterday, it felt as if my body had been beaten with baseball bats all over.  Yesterday, I drank 12 bottled waters while I worked, and didn't pee a single time.  Within 20 minutes, I would be drenched in sweat, pouring down my face.  by lunch time, my body was done.  Unfortunately, the work was not.  I continued to work through for 5 more hours in these dangerous heat conditions.

Research states that the human body will acclimate to whatever climate/environment it has to work in over time.  In heat/cold related environments, it is expected to take the body 7-10 days to adjust.  Until that time, you shouldn't start working 100%, take frequent breaks, and stop when your body says it's time to stop.  ALL of the men I am working with in the warehouse have been there for years, and they were pounding through the day without a pause for consideration.  When I complained about the heat, I felt they took it as an excuse that I was either lazy or soft.  Fuck that. 

So, yesterday, I was determined that I was not going to "let the team down," and I wanted them to see that despite it all, I was willing to put in the effort that they did.  By 4:45 pm, my body overrode my brain, and shut itself down.  I got dizzy, almost fainted.  I felt like throwing up.  My heart started racing and I got shaky.  My hands felt numb.  I got angry and emotional, and very confused.  I kept making the same simple mistakes over and over again, and my performance showed it.  When my body finally said enough is enough, I stumbled into the break room, in the dark, grabbed 3 bottled waters - one to drink and the other two to hold and roll across my neck, head and torso - took off my shirt and laid on the floor.  I thought I was going to die.

One prick walked in while I was laying on the floor and said "what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger."  Well, that's right, mother fucker.  It almost killed me.

I drove myself home, which was a challenge itself, and rather dangerous.  I had this emotional issue going on, feeling like I wanted to cry.  I was disoriented and dizzy, even in the air-conditioned car.  When I got home, my wife had prepared a cool bath for me, and I got into that and lay there for 45 minutes.  Even though my body had begun to cool down, I still felt physically sick, with a severe headache, nausea, disorientation, lack of fine motor skills, exhaustion, inability to string words together in an articulate sentence without effort, heart racing....  It was fucking scary.  

I fell asleep about 630, woke up at 815, fell back asleep about 10pm, woke up at 11pm, only to get my ass into bed and sleep until 930 this morning.  I got about 10-11 hours of sleep.  I normally only sleep 7 hours.

My time in the warehouse, fortunately, is done.  Now I will move into the office, to learn their computer systems, and begin helping their clients.  Honestly, if I knew that I had to be in the warehouse anymore, I'd have to say something about it.

Heat exhaustion is a real and very serious thing.  I've never gotten that overheated before, so this was a real eye-opener to me.  If I get this hot again, I will say something.  Fuck anyone who thinks I'm a puss or lazy.  Just because I'm not built for heavily physical manual labor in extreme heat, doesn't make me less of a man.  If anyone thinks that, they are just ignorant, not stronger.

Keep yourself safe in the heat this summer.  Take care to notice warning signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.  Take them seriously!  Don't worry about what other people think, even if they can endure it.  Only care about what your body needs, to keep yourself from getting hurt or dying. 

I will make my post for yesterday later tonight, so you will get some music from me today.  I'll talk more at you then!!!!!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A Flock Of Seagulls - Self-titled Debut - 1981

Happy 4th of July, one and all!  To my international friends, this day probably means nothing to you (I don't want to speak for everyone, though) but it is my second favorite holiday behind Christmas.  I consider myself a true patriot for my country.  I'm a Originalist Conservative, who believes strongly in our founding, and our freedoms and benefits to all mankind.  I understand that some of you may feel that our founding was immoral and wrong.  I agree that America has done some evil things in the past.  But, in the 21st century, we have and are working through issues to rectify our wrong doings and to bring our country together.  Despite all of our differences, we are Americans and should be proud of the positive accomplishments that we've made.  Because, if it weren't for our independence and freedom, we wouldn't be able to right the wrongs that we've done.

It bothers me that I have to even acknowledge our wrongs on this day.  Our political landscape has become so toxic, it's impossible for sides to find common ground to discuss issues and our future without killing each other.  We've become so polarized we are on the verge of destroying the freedoms that were given to us more than 200 years ago.  Again, we need to come together and work together to make our country the best it possibly can be.

On to AFoS....

I Ran is in the top 20 videos I remember watching as a kid.  It was bizarre and weird, but the song was magnetic.  I had the 7" 45RPM as a kid, and played it over and over and over.  I didn't get the album until well into the 90s, as back then we had to pay money for our music, and at the time I wasn't a big enough fan to justify purchasing the album.  That was because I hadn't heard it.  Had I known the spectacular tunes on that magic disc, I would have had it well before I did.

Even though there were only 4 or 5 singles on this album (which is a large number anyway), listening to the album is almost like a greatest hits, as every song is superb.  A classic slice of New Wave, you can get sucked into the New Wave pablum with ease, and enjoy every minute of it.

Although most of the band members either set the style for fashion in the early 80s or reflected the style, Paul Reynolds really stood out to me as almost ruining the image of the band.  I hate to pick on the guy....  Well, no I don't hate it.  He really REALLY should have gotten rid of those stupid-ass glasses.  They are true Birth Control Glasses.  Meaning, when he wears those glasses, ain't no one gonna fuck him.  I don't know what he was thinking, as they did nothing to enhance his image.

Separated into two discs, my version is slightly different than the 2011 version, picking the best and arranging somewhat differently.  I really had to get the Deno version of I Ran on there, as he mixed and extended the crap out of it.  You could really loop that track for an hour, and not get tired of it.  I apologize for the cover of the album proper, as there really isn't any decent scans of the cover online that I could find.  This was the best I could do.

Enjoy the album, enjoy the holiday, and I'll see you on Friday.

PS - Started the new job yesterday.  Interesting.  Not what I expected, and can't wait to get out of training and on the road.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Bloc Party - A Weekend In the City - 2007

I've got a big weekend ahead of me.  Taking the family to see my folks for the next couple days, and start my new job on Monday.  Today was my last day at my old job, so I'm feeling pretty good.  Anyway, short post tonight as I've got one foot out the door.

After their awesome debut album and the spectacular Two More Years single, I was really looking forward to this one.  As a sophomore release, it showed that their talent really was there, and it wasn't a fluke that their first was a hit.  It was solid, strong, and full of great songs.  It wasn't quite as good as I was expecting, but it never is when you set your expectations super high, and that's what I'd done.

There are quite a few songs on here that you'll really enjoy, as I did.  And, as far as the mixes go, there are a few great ones, some solid ones, and some crap ones.  I'd really like to expand on these statements, but my time is short, and I need to get on the road.

Have a great holiday weekend, and I'll get back to you Monday night, as I'll be out on the 4th celebrating the second greatest holiday of the year.

Weekend     Another Weekend    Remix 1    Remix 2


Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Railway Children - Native Place - 1990

The first song I ever heard by the Railway Children was It's Heaven.  It came on my local college station back in 1990 right after a Hollow Men song, and I think just before Manna & Quail by Caterwaul.  Or maybe that's just how my brain remembers it, as there were so many GREAT Indie/Post Punk tracks that came out just before Grunge and Industrial music polluted the landscape for the next decade.

I got the album on cassette in a Cut-Out bin, for about 3 bucks.  It had that nice little slice cut out of the bottom of the spine on the jewel case, I guess that's how they marked the tapes for cut-outs, or maybe they were cut-outs because of that mark.  It was like someone had run a circular saw right across the bottom of the spine, a nice hole about an eighth of an inch thick, and the thickness of the case.  BUT I DIGRESS.  Like a fucking bird dog, I am.

It took me a while to get into the album, as I was looking for the catchy pop hooks and the synths that It's Heaven has.  That one song stands out different than the rest of the tracks on the album, I think.  I couldn't really find any others even close.  As it is, after a while, it grew on me, and I realized that the pop hooks were there, just not glaringly obvious.  The melodies are very personal and soothing, and the entire album is longing and heartfelt.  To me, it stands out as a singular masterpiece from the Children, with few contenders as lasting. 

I had planned on posting this 3 or 4 months ago, the cover and collection done more than a month in advance.  But, less than a week before I post it, Ricky posts the original album over on Madchester Rave On.  I was dumbfounded.  I've had coincidences like that numerous times with the other bloggers, but that one was about as close as it had ever come.  SO, I threw it all the way out into late June.  When I first heard the album, it was mid-November, so trying to listen to it in the middle of the summer is a little disconcerting.  You ever have that problem?  Or am I the only freek in the room?

Friday, June 23, 2017

The Smithereens - Green Thoughts - 1988

This is another one of the albums that I remember specifically while reminiscing about Chicago in the 80s.  I got this cassette probably the last month or so that I lived there, and was my cruising tape during my last couple dates.  It was hip, progressive, catchy and rather manly.  I was so very concerned about superficial things like that, back then.  I specifically remember driving north down Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago, just past the Art Institute, right before going in between the buildings.... But, that's only a memory.  (Guffaws and slaps his knee)

To me, it has stood the test of time, sounding as sweet and thunderous today as it did back then.  To me, it is probably their best album, followed closely by their Especially For You album and their Live EP (The Seeker kicks ass).  Only A Memory, House That We Used To Live In, The World We Know and Especially For You stand out to me, and side two is a little weaker, but still really good.

After this one, they had a couple other good albums, but none that compared to this.  Their Beatles cover album and their version of Tommy are pretty good, but that's not their own material.  They are still playing strong today, and I would love to go see them live.  A twenty song set, in a club with a low ceiling, smokey, and about 200 people.  A short, two foot stage and no grandeur.  Love it.

I THINK I have all the tracks, here.  When I originally compiled this, I think I remember that there was one or two tracks that I couldn't find.  I could be wrong.  If you have any tracks that you think need to go on here, let me know, and send me the tracks!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

REM - Out Of Time - 1991

One of the most anticipated albums, the follow-up to Green, Out Of Time really introduced REM to mainstream America, and probably the world.  Of course, Green was a hit and a great intro in it's own right, but Out Of Time was the one that shot them to super-stardom.  I was in my first year in college, and giddy as a school girl when I picked this one up.  Green had been one of my favorite albums ever (still in my top 100) so my hopes for this one were huge.

All in all, it's a great album.  It's not SUPER, just great.  I could lose Radio Song and Low, and although I like Kate, I could've done without Shiny Happy People (although I'm a sucker for pop-hooks, this one was too easy and overplayed.)  My favorite tracks of the album were Near Wild Heaven and Half A World Away.  Great stuff.  Losing My Religion was a great song, not one of my favorites.  Had a great melody and very strong lyrics and the video was awesome.  But it was way overplayed and it grew tiring.  I still like it, just heard it way too many times.  (I said great in this period four times if you don't count this one...)

All the b-sides and fan club tracks but I left off the remixes.  They would've pushed the CD limit and none of them were any good anyway.  As for the cover, just a straight out duplicate of the original.  The font I used, though, looks a little screwy.  The kerning in the type is off and makes the spacing a little awkward. 

Thanks, all for your messages on Friday.  My boss knows, and he wasn't upset.  He's letting me work my final two weeks (for now) and the other sales people have already started cannibalizing my accounts.  That's fine, who cares.  I'm OUT!  Only troubling point is that I've already turned in my notice and my new job still hasn't gotten my piss-test back yet.  I KNOW that it's clean, but I always like to have everything squared before I make a move.  Always afraid of the "what if" scenario.

Lastly, I'm going to do some re-upping right now, in case you needed something.  If I miss anything, let me know.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Max Q - Self Titled - 1989


When this album came out, I had no idea it was Michael Hutchence.  I purchased it, anyway, because it looked cool and I was experimenting in my purchases.  This is how we discovered new music before the internet.  But, Michael's voice is unmistakable, and I knew what I had before I even read the CD liners. 

blah, de blea dee blo blo blo.... whatever.

I got a new job this week.  I have been looking for nearly two months, now, and been through 4 interviews.  I had decided to look, as my wife STILL hasn't started working, yet.  Money is EXTREMELY slim.  Fortunately, we have relatives who are generous and supportive, and have helped us make it through.  But, we can't rely on them forever.  That's not fair to them.

So, I got a new job.  It is with a much bigger company with 20 branches across the United States.  I will still be working here, smack dab in the middle of the US, but my territory will cover 2 states.  I will be on the road constantly, all the time.  They are giving me a company car, they are going to pay for my gas, food, and hotels.  I will be making nearly 25% more than what I'm making now.  It won't make up completely for my wife being out of work, but it will help, especially when she finally does start working again.  I will feel much more independent in my new position.  I will be out and about constantly, and won't be strapped to a desk.  I will feel like I'm actually accomplishing something, now.

But, there's always a catch.  I will literally be gone 3 to 4 nights a week.  I could potentially leave Monday morning for work, and not come home until Friday night.  My family dynamics are going to change so dramatically, I don't know how it's going to work out yet.  One way or another, we will make it work, I'm sure.  We can facetime, now, so I'll get on the phone with them every night.  But, there's something about actually being there for the boys and my wife. We will see.

The other catch is that I will have less time to do things I like to do, like, well, THIS.  With a 9 to 5 it's so easy to come home and work on this for an hour or two.  But, on the road I won't have access to my computer. And on the weekends when I'm at home, the last thing my wife and I will want is for me to be sitting on the computer for hours playing catch up on the blog while my little boy stands in the front yard with his ball and mitt waiting for Dad to come out and play....  That scenario isn't going to happen.

SO, just as I come back, I'm already shifting my scheduling on this.  What it will be, I have no idea.  I may have NO schedule, just where and when I have time.  Who knows.  For now, it will stay the same.

Right now, though, I haven't yet told my boss at my current job that I'm turning in my two weeks.  I don't know how he'll react.  He may be happy for me, he may let me stay my full two weeks.  Or, he may get fucking pissed and tell me to leave right there.  I can't read the guy, and I'm usually pretty good at reading people.  So, that scares me a little.  Inside, I want to walk in and tell him to go fuck himself three ways from Sunday, twice.  Then piss all over his desk and walk out.  The rational mind tells me to stay positive and let him know that a great opportunity has presented itself and thank you for the training and experience he gave me.  The child in me is frightened and afraid I might burst into tears.  So, I'm a bundle of emotions about ALL of this right now.  It's really hard just to keep my head straight....

I think I'll go watch Suicide Squad blow up some bad guys.....

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Pet Shop Boys - Additional Listening - 2017

It would appear that I will have to reschedule any further PSB versions I have planned and re-organize and re-track the new releases as they come out....

Regardless, I'm thrilled to see this happening!!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

EMF - Cha Cha Cha - 1995

When EMF's first album came out, this is what I thought of them.  I didn't care much for Stigma at all, and I was hesitant to get this one, especially as it was an import disc and cost me 22.00.  They had the single for Perfect Day at the record store, so I tried it first, and really enjoyed it.  So, I bought the album....

This is actually a really good album.  Individually, all of the songs are well written.  The band had matured some, and seemed well aware that they weren't going to be the "Next Big Thing", like the band from my last post.  It actually seems to have some substance.  As a whole, the album tends to drag, though, as there aren't any real "singles" other than the first track of the album.  But, listening to it in bits and pieces works well, allowing you to focus on the few tracks you are listening to, rather than them all blending together in one long chunk.

The b-sides are all here, but I only put one mix on there, as it's the only one worth a crap. 

And, is EMF the brother band of Jesus Jones?  I tend to think so, as I discovered them both about the same time and they are very similar in most respects.  Stevo answered it correctly, though, but he hasn't given me his choice, yet.  Grebo Guru came damn close, as I had forgotten about NAD.  Anyway, Stevo - you need to tell me what collection you want me to make soon, or I'll have to skip to the next person (and I sure as hell don't want to do anything with Spaceman 3 - Sorry Anon.....)

Saturday, June 10, 2017

True Colors + Duran2 Liberty


So, Netflix has added the movie Trolls to their selections.  Of course, my 5 year old wanted to watch it last night, and my wife obliged.  What a DUMB ASS MOVIE.  I fell asleep about half way through.  I just couldn't stand it. 

But, suddenly, I was awoken by one of my favorite 80s songs, and it took my breath away....

My god, it's freeking Justin Timberlake of all people.  I can't stand that dude.  But, this cover version is outstanding.  It goes to show how powerful the original version was.  It wasn't just written solidly, it was written perfectly.  Perfection.  The melodies and lyrics are legendary, to say the least. 

I love this version of True Colors, despite the fact it was sung by Justin Timberlake.  Just don't watch that fucking Trolls movie.  It is beyond a waste of time.

Another note, I am working on more Duran material, and I have discovered something I never knew existed.  I need your help.

According to this Duran Wikia entry, there are two songs from the Liberty sessions that I know nothing about.  I've never heard of them before now, and I can't find them for the the life of me.  I almost wonder if this entry is full of crap, but who can tell?  One is called Juice, and the other is called Hymn For the Preacher.

Has anyone, anywhere heard of these before, and do you have them?  I know that Liberty is their worst album ever, but I still have to have every track, regardless.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Jesus Jones - Already - 1997

I'm going out of town tomorrow, so I thought I'd do tomorrow's post today, just to get it out of the way.

I look at Jesus Jones now, and I really do feel sorry for them.  Mike Edwards is truly a talented songwriter - truly.  He has passion and creativity and he loves what he's doing.  Sad thing about it, is that the entertainment industry is fickle, and in the case of the nineties, it was shifting dramatically all over the place.  JJ was in the right place at the right time and they were on top of the world.  I read several interviews back in the day in Details magazine and Rolling Stone about these guys and they made Mike out like he was a god or something.  He had to feel like he was on top and nothing was going to stop him.

Now, a lot of people consider them to be one-hit wonders - which has always bewildered me as they had a hell of a lot more than one hit.  I watch some videos of them playing on Youtube, like this one---

and there they are, stuck on this little micro-stage, playing to a handful of people.  Mind you, they could do something about their stage presence (that keyboardist is a dork), but they are having fun, could have been huge, and I get the feeling that there is a lot of remorse of what might have been.  

Maybe I'm wrong.

Already was a breath of fresh air to me, at the time, as we were in the middle of the psuedo-grunge American "Alt Rock" scene, and then the Electronica thing before it exploded into a zillion different sub-genres.  Here we find a new, unassuming Jesus Jones album.  Powerful, soulful and solid, the album really stood out to me as something ELSE.  Not the same old crap that I heard every day on the radio (and in some cases my CD player.)  It had potential and maturity and direction.  It had everything needed to be an album to put them over the top.  Except, it didn't have the publicity and marketing, it didn't have the support of the industry, and the hardcore fans like myself couldn't make a difference no matter how hard we tried.  I think there was two of us in my town.  Hell, the album wasn't even officially released in the states.

They've already (no pun intended) released a deluxe version of Already with 3 or 4 discs of material.  Some live stuff, alternate takes, demos of the existing tracks and whatnot.  I just pulled the album, the b-sides and the demos of songs that weren't on the album.  Now, you have at least one version, if not the official version, of every track recorded during those sessions.  All of them are good, no matter if it's a b-side, demo or album track.

I'll be gone this weekend, but my next scheduled post wasn't going to be until Tuesday anyway.  I'll be back then, with a post from their "brother" band from the early 90s who was also called a one-hit wonder.  I'll make a deluxe edition of the album of your choice if you can be the first person to correctly name the "brother band" I'm talking about before I post it on Tuesday.  

See you then....

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Revenge - Gun World Porn - 1991-92

When this baby came out, I was still riding high on One True Passion and Electronic's first release.  Getting this in my hot sweaty hands, I was excited beyond belief.  And, I was not disappointed.  Whereas One True Passion seemed like a harder version of New Order, this one took a totally different approach that was a real ripper.  It paced a little quicker, pounded a little harder, and was a definite improvement on melody.  I thought so highly of it, I included it in my radio hour during college with State Of Shock.  Solid solid shit.

Rumor has it, and I can find no evidence to support this, but some say these tracks were all recorded during the OTP sessions.  Is this true?

I've read reviews online trashing this EP as junk (as well as OTP) and I don't understand.  Why can supposed music pros not see the value and quality of Revenge?  Were they expecting a New Order rip-off?  Was it too masculine for them?  I could sort of see the too sexist slant, though.  Regardless, Hooky does deserve some kudos for this one as it is definitely crafted very well.  From the cover to the lyrics, to the melodies, to the execution, to the voicemail.  It has it all.

Mind you, some of the remixes from this album suck, so be prepared.  There is some great material here, but not every mix is a winner.

This EP, along with OTP, should be considered NO canon.  I most certainly think it is.  State Of Shock's interlude with Hooky's solo and the keys and the horns scream early NO, you can't see it any other way.

Anyway, I love it.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Depeche Mode - A Broken Frame - 1982

Depeche Mode - A Broken Frame - 1982

I got this album at the behest of a girl named Crystal in my English class my junior year.  I had just moved from Chicago and still having trouble adjusting to my new environment, when this hot girl who sat in front of me would turn around and talk, and we talked music and she said this was her favorite DM album.  Music For the Masses was still in my top 5 goto albums, and I had the People are People compilation, and a couple 12-inch singles, but at that time, that was about all the DM I had.  So, I went down and bought it.  Boy, was I disappointed. 

There's nothing wrong with the album.  It's got it's own style and mood and pacing.  The songwriting is fairly solid, and the execution is pretty tight.  I like the album, in it's own way.  I was just used to MftM and then I go back in time and listen to this.  Something of a letdown. I know that Martin had just started writing the music himself, so he was still learning.  Good for him.  It's surprising that he started like this, though, and then gave us MftM and Violator within 8 years.  Incredible.

It took me some time to get used to it.  Within a year, I had it memorized and singing along with Dave.  Monument is by far my favorite song, for some reason.  (Gusgus's version of it is killer)  The rest of the tracks, quite honestly, all tie for second.  There aren't any that I like more or less than the others.

When they released their deluxe versions, again, as with all the rest, I was pissed with what they gave us.  THIS is how it should have been.

Thanks, yet again, to Dreamtime.....

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Lightning Seeds - Sense - 1992

Although this is probably either my first or second favorite Lightning Seeds album, I've always hated this cover art.  It's hard for me to even discuss this album without first pointing out my distaste of this amateurish, high-school quality, lack of proper layout cover.  Even the fonts suck.  I quite honestly made artwork of this caliber in junior high school.  It's obviously air-brushed with a traditional, old-school style with an actual brush.  You can tell by the splattering and the masking and crummy looking clouds.  The layout is abominable, with a single focal point exactly in the center of the cover, and a boring arial-black sans serif font for SENSE.  It's not even that creative.  I seriously SERIOUSLY made better work than this in junior high, about 13 or 14 years old.  Absolute junk.

NOW, I got that out of my system.

This is definitely a brilliant follow-up to Cloudcuckooland with a host of fantastic pop hooks and flares, and classic lyrics and melodies.  His whiny voice that sort of annoyed me on the first album, seems right at home on this one.  This was in my top 5 albums from 1992, right up there with Shamen's Boss Drum, Cure's Wish, and the Other Two.  Even though I was knee-deep in Techno at that time, I still had plenty of listening for other bands, and this album outlived Techno by far.

Even though the singles filled the front of the album, I always thought the back half was the better of the "two sides".  There was a feeling of cohesiveness and a common thread that pulled them together.  I would list my favorite tracks from them, but looking at the last five, I really can't decide.  Maybe Marooned is the best?  Not sure.  I can't imagine listening to one of the tracks without listening to all of them. 

I added the 4 b-sides after the album tracks, and listening to them, they are as good as the album proper, and a unfortunate thing that they weren't originally on the album.  Maybe Lucifer Sam is a little different, but as a whole, the b-sides are nearly indistinguishable from the rest of the album.  The remixes aren't really that good, but I have to add them to this set to make it complete and fill the disk.  Plus, you all might like them more than me.

Anyway, great Broudie material as always. 

Friday, June 2, 2017

Johnny Hates Jazz - Turn Back the Clock - 1988

Johnny Hates Jazz - Turn Back the Clock - 1988

Yeah, I know, I teased Angstytimelord about this a little before I left.  Try as I might, I am a closet-fan of this album.  Around the time that I was big into Wang Chung and Duran's Big Thing and Sting and A-ha and GM's Faith album, I did have this one, too.  This wasn't my sister's album, this was me hiding in the closet with my Post Punk bands put away and I'm listening to this on my headphones.  At the time, I found it sheik to be a Post Punk/Punk who listened to NO and DM and Cure, and proud of it.  These other bands I kept on the back burner in a low profile, but didn't deny them.  JHJ, though, I completely denied, but secretly listened to them on an unmarked cassette.  What a coward.

I have often heard people lump these guys in the same category as Glass Tiger.  I firmly disagree.  Although their styles might be similar, JHJ is/was light years ahead in songwriting ability.  It's surprising to me, though, that I found the album tracks to be more of my favorites than the singles were.  As a whole, the entire album meshes well, sounds great, and is an EASY listen from beginning to end.

I didn't know and didn't research any of their mixes or b-sides until it came time for me to do this disc.  I had to hunt them down and rip them from Youtube, so the sound quality isn't 100%.  It's still good, though, and listen-able.  The mixes were tricky to identify, though, as some of them are labelled differently on the official singles, even though they are the same, and then there was even more variation in the labelling once they got on Youtube.  There are a lot of "New Mix" "Remix" "New Version" for the same mix across the board.  I originally had almost two discs worth of mixes, and narrowed it down to less than one.

It's good to be back, but I still have a variety of other projects that I'm working on, so I will try to stay on target.  I have finished posts ready through mid-July, so I still have a buffer in place.  I just want to work on my other stuff, too.  I'll see you tomorrow, though, with another "Welcome Back" post....

Erasure - Light At the End Of the World - 2007

To me, personally, I felt that after Chorus, and more so after I Say I Say I Say, Erasure began a steady decline into mediocrity.  Each album continued to get more and more progressively bland, and I was less apt to listen to them enough to even recognize melodies or lyrics.  So, after the incredibly dull Union Street, and then suddenly Andy's releasing solo stuff, I figured "Well, I guess Erasure's done..."

2007 rolls around, and I see this incredible cover that takes me back to Wild days.  Holy cow!  In 2007 around that time, I had started getting bored with the Brit Rock stuff from the previous 4-5 years, and I was in desperate need of something new.  This album fit perfectly in that slot.

It's a great album, probably my favorite in the new millenium.  All of the songs seem happy, bouncy, and full of Vince being inventive and innovative.  Of course, Andy's voice is as good as always.  The melodies he created aren't as creative as previous, but they still have that definitive pop standard that makes it easy to remember the words and melody, so you can sing along.

I have the b-sides and a couple non-album tracks, along with 2 discs of remixes under the Stormchaser cover.  This one brings fond memories for me.....  Haven't listened to the new album yet (I'm downloading it now) but I hope it's a good one, too!