Sunday, April 23, 2017

Let's All Take A Nap....

So I don't want to start this all off with "Some parting words..." or "Some final thoughts..." as I'm not planning for any of those.  I want you all to remember this, I am just taking a break from making posts with music and covers.  That's it.

Most of the posts on this blog are new for me.  I had made about 150 or so of my own, and thought it would be good to post them when I was done with them.  So far, I have posted well on 430 albums/collections, some of them with 2-3 discs and a few with more than that.  It was easier when I started, as I had about a 150 cover buffer to work with.  That buffer is long gone.  Right now, I could only post about 10 more days before I'd be out of covers.  And, it's not just the covers.  In a bunch of cases, the collections are new even to me.  I have to spend hours hunting down tracks that I don't have, ripping them from Youtube if I have to, whatever.  On average, any given post takes about 2-3 hours to collect and make a cover.  Sometimes longer than that.  And when you're doing one a day, and have a full time job, and a wife and two kids, well....  you get the point.

As I said, when I come back in June, it will be at a more reasonable pace.  Probably 2-3 posts a week (third time I typed 2-3 in this post.  Hmmmm)

But, as I said, I'm not going anywhere.  I will still monitor the blog every day, twice a day, or more.  I may make a post of my thoughts if I have any I want to share. I will comment or reply to your comments.  All of that.

PLEASE help me keep track of the albums that need to be re-upped.  I don't want any of them to die, if I can.  I'll need you all to continue to tell me when something goes down.

My big fear by taking this break is that I'll lose my audience.  I hope that doesn't happen.  I get upwards of 3500 hits a day, and I don't want to lose that.  It keeps me feeling good to know that I have people from the US, Australia, Germany, England, Ireland, Japan, Spain, New Zealand, France and even an individual from Israel and one person from Tasmania (wow).  It would break my heart if you all stopped visiting.

SO PROMISE ME.  YOU'LL COME BACK.  I'm not going to be gone that long, I still have plenty more to share.

Thanks, and drop me a line if it fancies you....


Guadalcanal Diary - Flip Flop - 1989 - Nothing Extra, Nothing More!

Nothing Extra, Nothing More - LAST Day - Guadalcanal Diary - Flip-flop - 1989

I got this on cassette during the second semester of my Junior year in High School.  Then, I sold it back to the music store when I was converting my collection to CDs in 1991.  Then, I bought it again, on CD, a year later.  Then, three years later, I was getting married and I needed some cash, so I sold it back to the music store.  Then I found it at a used music store in Ames, Iowa in 1998, so I bought it again.  I sold it back in 2002 shortly after my first son was born, and I needed money yet again.  Then, I bought it again in 2005 from a used music store, and decided this time, no matter what, I WOULD NOT sell it back, no matter what.  This time, I still have it.

I love this album.  You wouldn't think so, with the way I kept getting rid of it, but I kept missing it and had to have it back.  I think it's because I was updating my music a lot, and I kept thinking that American College Rock was for shit.  But, not this album.  Not then, not now, not ever.  Just when I think it's time to get rid of it, now, I take it out and play it, and I know that I could never part with it.

If you have not heard of Guadalcanal Diary, I'll give you some reference points.  Think REM, Pixies, Husker Du and the Smithereens.  They run along that vein.  The vocals though, definitely remind me of Michael Stipe, but with their own quality.  Musically, it's straight forward College Rock, with measured dose of Country twang, and a lot of Pop hooks.  Nearly every song is one you can sing along with and enjoy (except Whiskey Talk, that's the worst song on the album.)

I first heard this group when I saw their video on MTV for Always Saturday.  It's a great song.  I was getting big into the above mentioned bands, and this fell right in line with them.  Plus, I loved the Elecktra label spines at the time with the bold, black Impact typeface that every one of their cassettes had.  They looked cool.  After the first listen, I knew the album was a winner.  Why I continued to sell it back to the music store is still a mystery to me.

BUT, no b-sides mixes or unreleased tracks.  Not even a demo.  If you find any, send them my way...

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Beck - Sea Change - 2002 - Nothing Extra Nothing More!

Nothing Extra Nothing More - Day Six - Beck - Sea Change - 2002

I was working as the Senior Managing Chef for an Italian restaurant when this album came out in 2002.  I'd be to work by 8am and spend my morning prepping and preparing for the restaurant to open, and the sous chefs would want to listen to the local hard rock radio station with their slap-happy "shock jocks".  It was annoying as all get out, as my brain that early was still waking up, and preparing for the mental rigors of the day.  Last thing I need is obnoxious music and infantile conversation (if you could call it that.)  

So, when this puppy came out, I had listened to it a little, only a couple tracks, and I thought it would be perfect to take to work in the morning, commandeer the radio, and play some music with style and class.  I put this disc in and played it from beginning to end, non-stop, and it was fucking glorious.  Beck ala Gordon Lightfoot (you better believe it.)  Fantastically written, fantastically performed and fantastically arranged and produced.  I was in heaven.  Several times, I'd have to stop and close my eyes and just aurally ingest the music as it played and flowed.  By far, Beck's best album, hands down.

Seconds after the album ended, probably 4 or 5 seconds at most, one of the sous chefs flicked the obnoxious radio back on, and he turned to me, waving his tongs in my face like pointing a finger "Don't ever play that shit in here again, Puto."  And we all laughed.  Sometimes, when everyone else is sitting around and eating shit sandwiches, then you got to sit around and eat shit sandwiches, too.

But, I still played it again the next day, anyway.

One more post to go, folks.  And then, some parting words.  See you tomorrow.

Friday, April 21, 2017

The Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Origin Vol.1 - 2004 - Nothing Extra Nothing More!

Nothing Extra Nothing More - Day Five - TSOOL - Origin Vol. 1 - 2004
Here we have The Soundtrack Of Our Lives' fourth album Origin Vol 1.  Before this album, I had never heard of this group.  In fact, I am lucky that I even fell upon it.  I was buying the new Bloc Party album at the local record shop, and this album was on the wall of new releases next to it.  The cover intrigued me, and I had never heard of them before.  The store had the disc on sale for 10.99, so I picked it up for the hell of it.  I figured if it sucked, I'd just trade it back or something.  Come to find out, I like it BETTER than Bloc Party's album.

Having been around for about ten years already, I was surprised to hear such a fresh and energetic sound from this Swedish band.  The songs are hard and chug along like a train.  The melodies are sharp and catchy, without sounding poppy.  It's hard to classify such an album, as it's reminiscent of Classic Rock/Progressive Rock from the 70s, but with a 21st century alternative style.  Vocally, they are strong, and dark and "scratchy(?)".  It's hard to pinpoint what they sound like, yet they sound like someone I've heard before.  Maybe a Kurt Cobain style.

This is the only album of theirs that I ever got, though.  I haven't heard any of their other material.  Just mentioning it now makes me want to hunt it down and see if it's all as good as this gem.  Unfortunately, although there were b-sides to the singles of this album, they were all tracks from previous albums, which is disappointing, as I would have loved to have heard more from these sessions.  

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Supergrass - Road To Rouen - 2005 - Nothing Extra Nothing More!

Nothing Extra Nothing More - Day Four - Supergrass - Road To Rouen - 2005
When this album came out, I dismissed it immediately before I even listened to it.  I had heard their previous albums, and I was convinced that they were still just angry screamy boys being silly.  I never listened to the album, ever.
Then, for whatever reason I cannot remember, I decided to pull this one out.  I think I may have heard one of the tracks on it somewhere or something, and thought, "maybe I ought to give it a listen...."
Surprisingly enough, Supergrass had grown up.  They were still a little angry and screamy, but they were also more mature, and they weren't silly anymore.  The tracks showed a definite maturity and growth, and Gaz Coombes had definitely shown to be a songwriter to be reckoned with.  Doesn't he sort of have a neanderthal monkey face?  Maybe I'm just being mean.
I feel bad and angry with myself for not giving the album a chance back when it came out.  It's a great disc.

BUT, there weren't any b-sides, mixes or unreleased material.  SO here it is....

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Ocean Blue - The Ocean Blue - 1989 - Nothing Extra, Nothing More!

Nothing Extra, Nothing More - Day Three - Ocean Blue - The Ocean Blue - 1989

I feel like I'm halfway cheating you guys on this post, almost feel like I'm cheating myself.  A fellow blogger posted this album several weeks ago, and now I am.  This is one of those albums that I had specifically saved for this week, though. 

It is a stellar album, awesome songwriting and production, and one that takes me back to my High School days, right before graduation.  I bought this one during the winter months of early 1990.  I was planning for going into the Air Force, yet still wanting to be a hip Post Punker and classy at the same time.  This album helped me fill that role.

It's amazing that as British as this album sounds, they are from Pennsylvania.  Cool.  I didn't think Americans, especially at that time, could even sound so sheik.  My favorite songs are, in order of appearance, Between Something and Nothing, Vanity Fair, Ask Me Jon and Myron.  Myron is probably my favorite.

I know that somewhere, out there, there is a demo of this album, along with the Laugh Tour EP, which may or may not have material on it that might be pertinent to this album.  I cannot find the Demo album, nor the EP.  All I have, and can find, is this album.  Hence, there is Nothing Extra, Nothing More.

You probably already have this, but I'll post a link anyway....


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Hooters - One Way Home - 1987 - Nothing Extra Nothing More!

Nothing Extra Nothing More - Day Two - Hooters - One Way Home - 1987
This was one of my favorite albums during my Freshman and Sophomore years in High School.  I had liked the singles from their previous album, but didn't have the money to purchase it, so this was my first one.  The first six songs are great.  The last three...meh.  It's unfortunate that they didn't make any remixes and didn't record any actual b-sides.  The only b-side they had from this album, was their live version of Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds.  But, you all know how I feel about individual live tracks.

When I bought the album, my parents were a little disturbed by the name of the group.  I think they actually thought they were calling themselves "The Titties" or something.  Funny how naive a 15 year old boy can be at times to not see that at all.

Great music, though, and one that stands high in the history of my musical life.  Doesn't have anything extra, but worth every bit that it does...